Candy Orca Dragons



Owned by Vene

Vene can be found at @FurAffinity @Picarto @Twitter @Weasyl

Grape Float (like root beer float); Skittles claws and nips; Vanilla ice cream hair

Vene had always loved grape floats, as she told Graven who was experimenting with transforming others into Candy Orca Dragons. Now her entire body is a living grape float.

Venerabela was a blue dragoness who was taken in by Graven, experimenting with her body to test transformations into Candy Orca Dragons. Vene was surveyed and told Graven that she loved Grape Floats, and was pumped full of grape soda and vanilla ice cream until she was full to bursting. However, the expanded belly quickly deflated as the grape soda condensed and spread, changing every cell of Vene's body into that matching the purple fizzy drink and the vanilla ice cream. She was changed into a Candy Orca Dragon whose body tastes primarily of grape soda, nipples and claws of Skittles, and hair white and cold, tasting like vanilla ice cream.

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By Vene; Featuring: Bella #