Candy Orca Dragons

By Berrywoof 2019-04-09; Featuring: Taliatsune, Cordite, Avril, Kawaii #

What #

Candy! Candy Dragons with orca features!

These animated candy creatures use their enchanted bodies to have fun, much like gargoyles do with stone.

However, much of the content here is adult material, you have been warned.

This is a regulated species, meaning that it can be joined if conditions are met.

Members may also elect to do further modifications outside of the species specification, though such content would not be labeled as part of this species, such as taurs forms.

As a contraction, Candy Orca Dragons may be referred to as COD.

Origin #

Cordite was originally in the MLP fandom, but moved on once the demographic shifted towards younger less mature audiences. Within the furry fandom, Cordite migrated to an anthro horse, keeping the unicorn horn and lightning bolt mark from the pony form. Over time, Cordite felt that the MLP design was limiting and not fully relatable.

Over the course several months, Cordite searched for all the art resonated with them. Aquatic bodies, some equine features, a shift to dragon like legs, split colors like Keggina's otsky form, a rear like yoshi and x-pray, but with a trim line. Cordite settled on an Orca tail and marking design, then finally commissioned Master Notorious for the reference. That took about two months once it started to refine.

Candy Orca Dragons really came about once Selene wanted to try out Cordite's post-pony design. Selene particularly enjoys alternate-species transformations and the result was a delightful success. The first image was them holding hands by Freckles.

Close friends of Selene and Cordite, namely Becky and Keggina respectively joined in. From there, a group was made and a process started. To see a full accounting of how the design progressed, see The Beginning.

From Cordite's experience in the MLP fandom, and the many recolors that were present, Cordite decided that it would be best if the species were regulated to avoid painful color renditions or excessive patterns that make a character obtuse for artists to draw. Specifically, limitations on the symbol were made, such that it is a single color like a tattoo. The symbol should be somewhat easy to draw, and maybe somewhat abstract in nature. That gradients are limited in particular areas, and that sizes do not go too hyper to outshine other members while in the same canvas.

Candy Orca Dragons has grown over time and is administerred by Cordite. The only cost to join is what is paid to an artist to draw an approved applicant's design. To join, follow the application instructions. For a history of when all joined, see The Pod.