Candy Orca Dragons



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Cheese Cake; Blueberry Taffy; Grape Jam; Blackberry Gummy; Grape Soda lubricant, saliva, pre, cum; Blackberry yogurt filling

A Warlock with a sweet tooth, he may have had a bit too much candy for his own good, or rather, more than enough for it to go to her hips and chest.

As a Warlock, Graven has never been afraid to experiment with all sorts of strange samples from the astral sea, and more than ever, such a strangely delectable sample, by the time he put himself on check, he had eaten most of the sample instead of studying it, and yet, he needed to have more, his son is the one who acquired this sample, but it was more of coincidental find rather than something that could be directly sourced without plenty of time spent on the planes where it was found.

Graven was determined to replicate the sample by artificial means, trying to duplicate it little by little with his arcane knowledge, soon he had about as much of the sample as he thought he'd need to look more into it, yet again, another taste couldn't hurt, enjoying that banana flavor, however, did more than just delight his palate, the arcane energies used to replicate the sample ran wild within his own figure, mutating his body towards a figure more alike the creature the sample was sourced from, and even better yet, now able to make his own samples

As a Candy Orca Dragon, Graven's quest for new samples to 'study' would be so much easier than just a asking around the planes for banana syrup manufacturers, now he had a pretty good point of reference.

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By Vene; Featuring: Graven #