Candy Orca Dragons



Owned by Bryon

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Graham Crackers; Smores

Luca was created as a sailor, ready to adventure the world with his bandana. He also likes fallout.

A few months ago Luca begun working at the laboratory owned by cordite. Where he volunteered to be transformed into a candy Orca dragon.

Luca is a chubby dragon in his late twenties he is more chubbier than the rest of the dragons and being one of the only being one of the only male only male gender dragons.

His personality is normally timid and funny. He does suffer from social and general anxiety. It can easily frustrate people because of his indecisiveness with certain things. And his many many attempts to try to form relationships with people.

But overall he is a young and kind soul that does whatever he can to help people out now and then.

His overall look is that of a white and gray dragon with gold trim. He wears a pirate's bandana that was once given to him by someone very close to him.

His overall sexual drive is that of a submissive male. He's also pansexual and doesn't really allow or care for gender or sexual identity when it comes to picking a partner or picking a mate.

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