Candy Orca Dragons



Owned by Molly

Molly can be found at @FurAffinity

Cinnamon; Red hots; Oranges; Bananas; Marshmallows

Sultry, spicy and horny this red-haired bombshell makes her mother proud. A lawyer by trade she's rather protective of those that she cares about and very honorable.

Molly's story started out as a tragic one. Both of her parents died when she was younger in a terrible accident. This motivated her to live life to its fullest. To really enjoy the small things. She eventually earned her master's in law and became a lawyer. This did not prevent her from having fun and she worked as a stripper on the side! It was risque work, but she absolutely adored it. She invited her dear friend Cordite to the strip club she worked at for a free lap dance. After a bit of teasing she found herself voluntarily being recycled and turned into another Candy Orca Dragon. Identifying Cordite as her new Mother the former lioness could not be happier. She now has a family!

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By Xavier; Featuring: Molly #