Candy Orca Dragons


Grim Niekerk

Owned by Grim Niekerk

Grim Niekerk can be found at @FurAffinity

Strawberry body; Marshmallow belly; Blackberry hair

Ruby came into the Candy Orca Dragon pod with the help of a devilish candy.

Ruby was always a very extroverted herm dragoness with a love for life and for many partners she could get into the bedroom or the closest bathroom stall for a quickie. One day however, she would meet a lady looking like she was half an orca and half a dragon, which only helped to get Ruby more interested. Their only time together was spent with Ruby having to fall under the influence of the lady's power as her mind was slowly broken by pleasure and once the deed was done, Ruby would feel the side effect of getting a pleasure spike at the most irregular moments. One of those moments caused her during her time working at a candy research facility to have a pleasure spike and fall into a vat of their experimental candy, slowly twisting her DNA into a combination of candy as well as orca due to residual semen left by the lady. A gentle soul climbed into the vat and helped Ruby to climb out, but the damage had already been done to the green dragoness who now had a much sweeter appearance as well as a new look on life. Together with her sister, Ruby was welcomed into the circle of Candy Orca Dragons, in which she would soon learn the culprit's actual name, Hekau.

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