Candy Orca Dragons



Owned by Cordite

Cordite can be found at Discord: Cordite#0001 @FurAffinity @Telegram @Tumblr @Twitter @Weasyl


Owned by SashaWS

SashaWS can be found at @FurAffinity @Weasyl

Black Licorice

Hekau is the not-so-ancient COD who was one of the first CODs ever made, but was thrown out of the tasty parts of the world due to her sourness and instead she created her own realm to reign over, called Candy Hell by its discoverer.

She is looking similar to Cordite and is often thought to be Cordite's evil twin sister, but composition of her body is nowhere near Cordite's.

At first glance she is seeming to be a real pain in the donut, but it is all a facade to cover her genuine fear of being made fun of for her sour taste. She is currently the only one able to open a portal to Candy Hell by will, instead of going through scientific means like Luve.

She considers herself the deity of all negative.

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