Candy Orca Dragons



Owned by SashaWS

SashaWS can be found at @FurAffinity @Weasyl

Blueberry; Licorice; Vanilla creame; Chocolate; Mint Chocolate

This lovely girl was found in the official Orca Dragon lab by two curious youngsters. She is seen often as the huntress of the group and also prides herself on her high intellect, often making her help with scientific research.

She have an interest in Radin and often shares the "burden" of producing the group's massive collection of candy eggs. They do often invite sisters to partake in their hobby, but most of the others think that Luve and Radin are almost mates.

Luve is also the owner/mistress of Avril Astralia and Taliatsune after having gifted them with nipple rings made especially for them. She is herself able to submit to her sisters, which can lead to funny moments for everyone.

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By MizukiThia; Featuring: Luve #